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Rootstrikers Volunteer Dashboard

An inter-organizational volunteer-matching web application for conducting political campaigns. Will enable volunteers to organize meetups, conduct citizen lobbying, contribute social media, create informational campaign tools, and more. Organizations recruit their own volunteers and can cross-endorse campaigns run by others. Maintains privacy and data integrity for each organization by following a disapora-style system ...more »


16 votes



OpenTreeMap is a web and mobile (iOS and Android) application for collaborative urban forest inventory. The software can also calculate ecosystem benefits (air quality, stormwater infiltration, energy savings, and carbon sequestration) for any tree. The result is an interactive map and database of all of the trees in a community as well as a profile for each tree, including planting and stewardship details. Project ...more »


12 votes
In Progress



DistrictBuilder is an open source web application for drawing city council and state legislative boundaries in an open, transparent and collaborative manner. GitHub repo: https://github.com/PublicMapping/DistrictBuilder/ DistrictBuilder supports creation and editing of redisticting plans, display of demographics and election results on an interactive maps, integrates with popular mapping systems, and automatically ...more »


10 votes


Civic Tech Patterns

Civic Tech Patterns is a pattern library for describing common practices that may help or hinder the conception or design of civic technology. Modeled after Wikipatterns (and a bit of TV Tropes), the goal is to collect, document and reference common patterns--good and bad--that arise from designing, building, maintaining and popularizing civic tech.




7 votes


Simple, Accessible GeoData

Make data from several cities available through GeoData Checkout ( http://mapmeld.github.io/geodata-checkout/ ), an open maps API developed last year by Code for America. Benefits: Draw to download data inside your neighborhood, or any custom area on the map. Map data, make timelines, or display in Google Earth. Use cases: - http://mapmeld.github.io/crimestep - http://historicchicago.heroku.com/ Technology: ...more »


2 votes